Frequently asked questions 


What is an on-site estimate?

An on-site estimate is an estimate that customers can request for commercial moves. Due to COVID19, we are only providing video call estimates. One of our customer service representatives will call you on your prefered method of video chat and create an accurate inventory of the items that need to be moved. 

Is the estimate free?

Yes, we provide free “on-site” estimates where the customer is under no obligation to accept a quote. However, we only provide on-site estimates for commercial moves. 

When can you move me?

Our sales agents will book you on the move dates you agreed to. We strongly recommend you to plan ahead for residential or commercial moves. In some cases, we can move you on the same day if we have availability. 

My moving date changed. What should I do?

If your moving date changes, you should inform your moving consultant as soon as you know. Your moving consultant can reschedule your move FREE of charge. However, for full cancelation of your move, we do not refund deposits made when booking.

Do you pack and / or supply material & boxes?

Yes, we can provide a complete packing and unpacking service, partial packing service or you may do your own packing. This gives you the benefit of choosing the type of service they require. Packing material and supplies can be purchased at our branch or delivered with a fee of $60. Packing materials brought to move will be FREE of delivery charges. 

Will my move be insured?

Yes, your move will be automatically covered by our basic insurance (minimal insurance). Customers will have options as to their valuation protection needs with our upgraded insurance plan.

*Minimal protection‚ whereby the move is set at a Released Value of $0 .60 per lb. per item; which is no cost to the customer.

*Replacement Value -- customer declares the value subject to minimum Valuation formula.

Example: $10.00 per lb. x the weight of the shipment (12,000 lb. x $10.00 Replacement Valuation is 120,000 @ the cost of .80 per $100.00 valuation = $960.00 charge to customer).

Who are you associated with?

We are associated with Better Business Bureau and Canadian Associated Movers.

Do you have storage facilities?

As our company is still growing, one of the fundamental services we would love to provide our customers is storage. We will be excited to announce the opening of our storage facility by 2021. In the meantime, our agents will be happy to recommend you to several storage facility options that fit your preference.

How long before my move should I begin planning?

You should start planning your move 6-4 weeks before your move date. You should start looking for moving companies ahead of time, so that you can browse and contact companies without being pressured.  

Can I pack my plants?

Our movers can carefully pack your plans. However, we cannot guarantee the wellbeing of your plants as they are delicate items. 

What items cannot be moved?


Gasoline, propane, kerosene, naphtha, lighter fluid

Petroleum gases of all types

Aerosol cans not classified as personal toiletries

Barbecue tanks, oxygen, helium, acetylene lighters

Fire extinguishers





Blasting caps

Industrial explosives

Detonation devices

What items should I move myself?

Our movers will take care of  your items with the utmost care. In cases of accidents or missing items, some items are irreplaceable. We recommend moving jewelry, small electronic devices, family heirlooms and other small and valuable irreplaceable items yourself. 

What should I do with my pets on moving day?

Your pets may become stressed on moving day. The doors of the house will also be opened and closed frequently throughout the day. We suggest that you find somewhere for them to stay on moving day.

Do you provide long distance moving services?

Yes, we can take care of residential or commercial moves anywhere within the provinces of Ontario and Quebéc. 

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