Representation of Mansa Moussa in l'Atlas catalan

Mansa Simply means Royalty in mandinka and we truly believe every client should be treated as such. One of the most generous and wealthiest men in history to ever live, Mansa Moussa, of the Mali empire once said “a man without purpose is no man at all”. The purpose of Mansa Movers is to provide a complete and affordable quality moving service to all our customers. We Believe Every Move Matters. 

With 7 years of experience as a mover, customer support representative and operations manager for some of the fastest growing Moving Companies in Toronto, we at MANSA Movers can say with confidence that we know what it takes to assist you with all your moving needs. 

As a family owned business, MANSA Movers understand the challenges you face from choosing the right movers to the moment the last piece of furniture is set in your new home. No move should be stressful, thus, we focus on providing you a gold standard moving experience from our caring support  team that will answer all your questions and concerns while providing accurate information and useful tips for your move.


We believe that positivity, honesty and reliability are the foundation of any relationship, and work diligently to uphold those values one move at a time.


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