The moving industry is full of companies that have stained the reputation of the industry by taking advantage of vulnerable costumers.  Cheap movers that end up either not doing a good job, or overcharging their customers. 

Here are some tips in order to avoid choosing the wrong Companies.

  1. Reputable companies have dedicated time and money in designing their website and being on multiple trusted platform sch as google, Homestars and Yelp. This Shows that they care about their reputation and are in the business to last therefore can be more trusted.
  2. We all know moving can be expensive depending on the service required. In Toronto the moving rate for 2 movers varies from 100$ and hour to up to 230$ per hour for 2 professional movers and the moving truck. Any company that charges in that range is more likely to be a trusted moving company. Do not fall for company advertising extremely cheap hourly rate. A good move is not cheap and a cheap move is not good.
  3. Every Moving company has a contract that every customer has to sign before the beginning of the service. It is Very important to READ the contract Before signing ANYTHING. Scammers will rush you into signing the contract and will not give you the time to realize that you are signing your items away. 
  4. Most  moving companies Will collect the payment for the move closer to the end of the move. Scammers will usually request a payment after they finish loading your items in the truck. The reason for that is because you have signed a document that most likely allows them to hold your items until payment is made. And NO, it is not stealing because YOU SIGNED IT!

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