10 Moving Mistakes to Avoid 

10 Moving Tips for a Stress Free Move

 At this stage you have probably gone through a lot of the steps in your moving process to figure out your final moving date and securing the new location you are moving to. One thing we know for sure is that no matter what you have accomplished so far we know until the last piece of furniture is set on your brand new floor, chances are you still have a lot more tasks to tackle and we hope this quick list of the top 10 mistakes to avoid before moving will be helpful to you.

1. Never leave the packing to last minute

Properly Packing and labeling your belongings prior to the move date does require time and is a very important part of the moving process. Leaving this to the very last minute will waist your time and slow down your entire moving day. make it a mission to start early and by packing multiple days before moving day You will save time and money and your movers will have a much better time organizing properly your items in the truck and setting them up where you want them at your new location.

2. Booking the movers last minute
You don't want to be left guessing if your movers are gonna show up on your moving date or left struggling to find movers last minute. It is important to find and reserve your spot with movers the moment you know your moving date. Remember do not leave to tomorrow what you can do today. Especially for end of the month moves most companies are fully booked months in advance

3. Pack extremely personal mementos or valuables inside the moving truck
This goes without say but you want to make sure to pack your jewelry and personal official document and transport them yourself instead of loading them in the moving truck. Most moving companies will always warn you of this and waive all responsibility in case of lost or stolen extremely valuables personal items.

4. Not reading your moving contract before booking a moving company
With so many moving companies to choose from it is almost compulsory to make sure you read and understand the moving contract that you are signing before hiring movers. A good rule of thumb is that the most transparent moving companies will usually send you a copy of their contract alongside the moving estimate that you request. So pay attention to every detail and happy reading. Trust us this will save you so much headache.

5. Doing the move yourself 
To be frank if you know what you are doing this is actually the cheapest way to complete your move but it requires a lot of planning and can be very time consuming and we doubt you want to do all the heavy lifting .  Hiring professional movers  is not cheap but it is almost always worth it. A good Move is not cheap and a Cheap move is not good. 

6. being dishonest with the size of the move during the booking process
Most moving companies that bill by the hour rely heavily on customer honesty about the size and amount of items being moved to be able to recommend precisely the right size truck needed and the right amount of movers necessary to complete the job. nothing is worst then having movers show up at your location with a smaller truck than necessary or with the inadequate equipments. Honesty goes a long way and you will guarantee yourself a stress free move.

7.  Not getting rid of items you don't need
Now this may seem obvious but moving time is usually the perfect time to get rid of or donate those items or furniture that you know for sure you won't be using anymore. You will save in time and money and contribute to another person's happiness through donation.

8. Being Disrespectful to Movers
Respect  is reciprocal and we should all give respect to expect respect back. Moving is not easy and  your movers are there to help you and the better you treat any human being trying to assist you the better they will treat you back. The only way to know if you can trust someone is by trusting them. On Moving day make sure to get to know the name of your movers and give them the room to do what they are trained for. Professional movers will usually always have a uniform and will always start by introducing themselves before touching any of your furniture.

9.Unclean and messy house
Everybody enjoys a clean working environment and with all the packing and work that goes into moving it is normal to have some mess under furnitures that you haven't moved for years. You should try your best to pack donate and clean as much as possible before moving date. A clean house will make movers feel comfortable and ultimately increase the speed of the move.

10. Forgetting to change your address
Last but not Least It is very important to change your address as soon as you confirm your new location address. This can lead to missed mails and delays in getting your packages. Make sure to update your address for all your official documents as well. 



The moving industry is full of companies that have stained the reputation of the industry by taking advantage of vulnerable costumers.  Cheap movers that end up either not doing a good job, or overcharging their customers. 

Here are some tips in order to avoid choosing the wrong Companies.

  1. Reputable companies have dedicated time and money in designing their website and being on multiple trusted platform sch as google, Homestars and Yelp. This Shows that they care about their reputation and are in the business to last therefore can be more trusted.
  2. We all know moving can be expensive depending on the service required. In Toronto the moving rate for 2 movers varies from 100$ and hour to up to 230$ per hour for 2 professional movers and the moving truck. Any company that charges in that range is more likely to be a trusted moving company. Do not fall for company advertising extremely cheap hourly rate. A good move is not cheap and a cheap move is not good.
  3. Every Moving company has a contract that every customer has to sign before the beginning of the service. It is Very important to READ the contract Before signing ANYTHING. Scammers will rush you into signing the contract and will not give you the time to realize that you are signing your items away. 
  4. Most  moving companies Will collect the payment for the move closer to the end of the move. Scammers will usually request a payment after they finish loading your items in the truck. The reason for that is because you have signed a document that most likely allows them to hold your items until payment is made. And NO, it is not stealing because YOU SIGNED IT!

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