No move should be stressful, thus, we focus on providing you a gold standard moving experience from our caring support  team that will answer all your questions and concerns before, during and after the move while providing accurate information and useful tips.

We believe that positivity, honesty and reliability are the foundation of any relationship, and work diligently to uphold those values one move at a time.


We offer an all inclusive hourly rate with no hidden fees and no surprises. We provide insurance coverage for your items and do not charge for stairs, gas or Km's. We simply bill from the moment we leave our office until we get back to our office. You will be in full control of the move the entire time to fit your budget and your needs. 


Mansa Movers will come with drills and tools necessary to dismantle and reassemble any furniture that needs to be.  They will also set every furniture exactly where you want it to be and  set floor runners to protect your brand new floor . 


1, 2 or 5 bedroom moves? No need to look further! No matter the size of your move, we have the right size truck at NO EXTRA CHARGE.


Our agents are available and happy to assist you with your needs. Our customer support service is available 24 hours 7 days a week.

Due to COVID19, we have video chat estimates available for commercial moves only. You can call our 24/7 line at 647-360-5520​ or email us at


Residential or business moves, Local or long distance. 

No matter the size of your move, we have the right truck size, the right tools and supplies and the Mansa Movers to complete it as efficiently as possible for you. 

All of our trucks come equipped with quilted blankets to safely protect all your valuables. The movers will dismantle and reassemble your bed and any furniture that needs to be free of Cost. 

Every single item will be set up exactly where you want it. All you need to do is guide the movers and they will gladly move them for you. 

Whether you are moving locally or out of province we have you covered. We do moves all over Ontario and Quebec.


No matter the moving company you choose, you are choosing to trust strangers to handle all your valuables safely and move it with the same care you would  from point A to point B in a timely and affordable  manner. 

We Mansa Movers understand that and truly value your time, your trust and your valuables. From your first interaction with us to the last we take great pride in providing an outstanding moving experience.


Ours movers are trained extensively to properly protect and safely transport your items with a smile on their face and with the utmost professionalism and care. They will always keep you informed of the steps they are taking towards the safe and quick completion of your move for a stress free move.

            Our mission is to provide great quality move at a very affordable price for every one. That is why our pricing is tailor made to fit your budget. No matter the size of your move you are always in control. We simply bill an all inclusive hourly rate from the moment we leave our office to when we get back to our office. No hidden fees or extra charges for Gas, Kms or stairs.   


With all the work that goes into setting up your move, we at Mansa Movers understand that the last thing anyone wants is to be guessing if the movers will show up on time or at all. 

We have invested in a great booking system that sends you an automatic confirmation email upon finalising your booking, which guarantees 100% that no other customer will take your spot.

Communication is Key, so we will call you a day prior to your move to reconfirm all the details of your move and all the supplies necessary to guarantee a smooth move. The movers will call you upon arrival, so you can guide them on where to park.

From there, we will take care of your move. 


The moving industry is full of companies that have stained the reputation of the industry by taking advantage of vulnerable costumers. You would have probably heard of the term “kijiji Movers”, It just means the cheap movers that end up either not doing a good job, or overcharging their customers. 

Here are some tips in order to avoid those Companies that are there to rip you off.


Reputable companies have dedicated time and money in making their website look good. This Shows that they care about their reputation and are in the business to last therefore can be more trusted.


We all know moving can be expensive depending on the service required. In Toronto the moving rate for 2 movers varies from 100$ and hour to up to 230$ per hour for 2 professional movers and the moving truck. Any company that charges in that range is more likely to be a trusted moving company.

Do not fall for company advertising extremely cheap hourly rate. THEY WILL SCAM YOU


Every Moving company has a contract that every customer has to sign before the beginning of the service. It is Very important to READ the contract Before signing ANYTHING. Scammers will rush you into signing the contract and will not give you the time to realize that you are signing your items away. 


Most  moving companies Will collect the payment for the move closer to the end of the move. Scammers will usually request a payment after they finish loading your items in the truck. The reason for that is because you have signed a document that most likely allows them to hold your items until payment is made. And NO, it is not stealing because YOU SIGNED IT!

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